The citizens's association "Loučka-Pearl Harbor Military Museum" is a non-profit organization devoted to the history of the period of World War II. Thanks to Mgr. Josef Kořenek's private collection, which is located in the premises of a gallery and atelier of a family house at Loučka u Vizovic, descriptive number 140, which deals with the history in the period of World War II both at Loučka u Vizovic and in the Zlín Region, with the attack at Pearl Harbor (and connections of this event to our country), life stories of priests in the time of war, with the role of military chaplains and the life of the venerable Father Emil Joseph Kapaun, an American priest with Czech roots.

Apart from the building of a private exposition, members and volunteers of the citizens' association work in:
a) research – members have discovered new facts regarding the events in the period of World War II at Loučka and the resistance movement in Wallachia as such, in connection with the history of the attack at Pearl Harbor they have found soldiers with Czech roots
b) publishing – we publish books, release DVDs and other publications
c) education – we organize lectures, exhibitions, write articles
d) sports – pupils and cadets representing the Loučka – Pearl Harbor Military Museum have, already for the second time, won gold medals in a contest for teams in box 

Vojenské muzeum Loučka-Pearl Harbor o. s.
Loučka 140
CZ-763 25 Újezd u Valašských Klobouk